Openness, mutual respect and trust

We constantly strive for openness, mutual respect and trust, both in client relations and within the HLB team. These attributes are reflected in HLB’s values:

  • Deliver WOW! through service

HLB has no time for mediocrity, indifference or complacency. With us, you can count on personal service which ensures an optimal outcome.

  • Be passionate, determined and goal driven

At HLB, we are determined and passionate about our work. We work from a solution-oriented perspective, always going the extra mile for our clients.

  • Pursue growth & learning

Within the HLB network, information, knowledge and best practices are exchanged continuously. This is how we keep growing and learning.

  • Question the obvious

Thanks to our critical mindset, we at HLB are always looking for ways to improve. The most obvious solution is not always the most efficient or the most effective.

  • Be creative and open-minded

At HLB, we think outside the box. We actively search for innovative solutions to problems, new growth potential, more efficient alternatives, etc.

  • Show empathy and respect in everything you do

For almost a century now, HLB has been working with companies in all sectors. This has enabled us to forge an in-depth understanding and feeling for the challenges which concern you.

  • Strengthen open and honest relationships through communication

You can expect honest and open communication with HLB. You will communicate with one dedicated person of trust.

• Strengthen positive team and family spirit

The HLB team is a close-knit team. Our specialists regularly work together and complement each other.

Acting ethically

At HLB, an ethics committee monitors whether our code of conduct is adhered to. You can inform them directly of any unacceptable situation, treatment or attitude at

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